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OSSA Workshops

The “Szczerzoskop” installation was created as part of the “OSSA Szczecin 2014” student workshop. The issue of this year’s edition of the workshop was “entropy”. The idea of ​​the project was created by interpreting the topic as a circulation of energy – in this case understood as an exchange of positive emotions and focusing on the order-chaos relationship. In response to the abstract theme, the installation “Szczerzoskop” was created. It is a scaled toy – a kaleidoscope 1.8 m high and 1.6 wide, through which you can look at the surrounding space. Its most important part is an equilateral triangle with half a meter sides, lined from the inside with mirror material. At its ends, 2 giant wheels made of OSB are placed in a perpendicular plane. For the user, the distant image captured by the Szczerzoscope scope looks broken and accidentally reassembled. Geometric harmony understood as duplication of the image and ordering it in triangles can only occur when the viewed object is close. Both states refer to elements of order and chaos. Much more interesting than optics is stimulation to play through a visually attractive, analog effect that even stimulates children’s curiosity. The duplicated gesture of the hand can turn on the other side of the telescope into a pulsating image, a beautiful friend into a three-headed monster, and rolling the Szczerzoscope makes this twisted world spin even more. The freedom of the tested images is unlimited, however, as you know from the sandbox, the best fun and “entropic” exchange of positive energy occurs when someone grins a wide smile on the other side of the telescope. Then from a regular kaleidoscope Szczerzoskop becomes a machine for duplicating a smile.








Conceptual design
Construction project
Tender project / PFU



Maciek Balcerowicz, Justyna Brząkała, Gutek Girek, Katarzyna Gołuszka, Beata Kłobut, Paweł Krawczyk, Marta Matynia i Kasia Pabich pod okiem Karola Szparkowskiego