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Public library in Wesoła

Competition: 1st place

The library design refers to the scale and character of single-family housing development. The building is adjacent to the school, with which it is connecting through glazing. The library, in contrast to the school building, has a compact body, and its distinguishing element is a large window-site. It allows you to view the interior of the rental office while performing the function of encouraging you to visit the facility. The green roof, which slopes gently towards the street, reduces the scale of the object on this side. There is a new floor underneath for administrative and technical rooms. The main space of the library is a reading room with a rental service. The hall has a directional, longitudinal layout, ending with a window-window with a view of the local street. Thanks to this, a lot of natural light falls inside. Under the site, there is a place to read and rest. The ceiling has the form of flattened arches that scatter artificial light mounted on bookshelves. A characteristic element of the building, which is a reference to the traditional appearance of district libraries, is a neon sign hung on the eastern wall with the inscription “Library.”








Conceptual design
Construction project
Tender project / PFU


Karol Szparkowski, Kamil Miklaszewski, Krzysztof Pasternak, Marta Feder