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Szkoła podstawowa w Jacmel


Competition: 2nd place

Due to the lack of a characteristic urban context, we decided to design the building as an introvert object. The main spatial element integrating the planned School Complex is the arrangement of three interiors: two courtyards and an orchard. It also serves as a communication link, recreation space, student forum and formal space serving as the backdrop for official school events. The closing sequence of the school’s common spaces is the orchard and oratory – a place of prayer and calm. The orchard acts as a filter – separating the acoustic place of individual prayer from everyday school noise. The courtyard closer to the street has social and representative functions, a school canteen is located next to it, it can be a stage for school academies and celebrations. A teacher’s room was located at the intersection of both courtyards. This arrangement allows the situation in school courtyards to be monitored by teachers currently in the room. The spaces between the classroom buildings and the fence were used as green 'annexes’ to the classroom. The surfaces of individual annexes are similar to the surfaces of classrooms, so each classroom has its „green” equivalent. The corridors transverse to the main direction of the plot are open, thanks to which it is possible to expand the school if the Curia acquires neighboring plots.

Along the western border of the plot there was a passage providing controlled access to the library, computer room, canteen, kitchen and sports area.








Conceptual design
Construction project
Tender project / PFU


Biskup Saturnė Biskupstwo Jacmel Haiti


Karol Szparkowski, Kamil Miklaszewski, Agata Filipek, Karolina Rawłuszko, Zygmunt Szparkowski, Magdalena Bachanek / Konstrukcja: Wiesław Słowik, Instalacje: Artur Kolanowski